Culture & Ferias & Fiestas

As everywhere in Andalusia, people love their local celebrations. Here is a small selection of the ferias and fiestas in and around Moclinejo

  • Feria Ganado del Valdés (Cattle Fair): April / May
  • Semana Santa (Easter)
  • Romería: end of May
  • Verdiales de Moclinejo:
  • Cultural weeks of El Valdés and Moclinejo (May and June)
  • Feria de El Valdés: penultimate week of July
  • Feria de Moclinejo: last week of August
  • Wine festival (Fiesta del Vineros): September
  • Christmas Pastoral: first weekend in December
  • Pastorales de Navidad: last weekend in December
Semana Santa

The Easter activities of Moclinejo and El Valdés begin with the proclamation of the Virgen de los Dolores de El Valdés. The awarding of medals to the new members of the religious association is the climax of the act. The next day, the Nuestra Señora de Gracia Music and Cultural Association offers the Lenten Concert in the Church of Moclinejo, where Easter processions will take place. On Sunday it is the turn of the Brotherhood of Los Dolores and Nuestro Padre Jesús Muerto y Sepultado from Moclinejo to award medals and read out their proclamation On Friday, there is a children's procession, while in El Valdés the Virgen de los Dolores is carried in a procession accompanied by the Nuestra Señora de Gracia band. On Good Friday it is the turn of the Moclinejo Brotherhood, which will march in procession through the streets of the community. Finally, on Sunday April 1st, the traditional Día del Huerto (Garden Day) and the procession of Nuestra Señora de Gracia and Cristo Resucitado (Our Lady of Grace and the Risen Christ) take place. During Día del Huerto (Garden Day), the youngsters steal pots and plants from the neighbors and keep them until the evening before the festival. Throughout the night they transformed the square into a copy of the Huerto de Los Olivas, which is a transformation of the aesthetics of the square.

Panda de Verdiales

The Pada de Verdiales takes place at the end of April. The Fiesta de Verdiales is one of the most deeply rooted cultural expressions in the Málaga area. It's a local music festival. A group consists of a certain fandango, which is sung and danced to accompany an orchestra, which consists of a violin, two to four guitars, a tambourine, two or more pairs of cymbals (crotalen), several sticks (castanets) and, in some of them Styles, a lute or bandurria. In colloquial language, the group of tocaores (musicians), cantaores (singers) and bailaoras (dancers) is called Panda de Verdialede

Feria de Moclinejo

The Moclinejo Fair is held in the last week of August. The patronage festival in honor of Saint San Bartolomé coincides with the weekend closest to August 24th and is part of the day-long Feria. These are traditional patronage festivals with the participation of the whole city, with musical performances, folklore, fireworks, competitions, games and other leisure and entertainment activities. A rocket launch heralds the start of the days of celebration, which begin with an early kids' race of ribbons (on bikes) and other games. The village, decorated for the occasion, watches the procession of the saint through the most central streets, and then everyone joins the festival. The Noche Flamenca is celebrated on Saturday, and a Rocío Mass on Sunday. The festival ends with fireworks.

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On the first weekend of December, the traditional shepherds and crib meetings take place in Moclinejo and Valdés. Every year, more and more groups at the provincial level take part, and a large number of visitors enjoy the most remote Christmas sounds characteristic of the village, as well as tasting our wine roscos with aniseed. The Christmas pastoral takes place on the last weekend of the year.

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moclinejo picture
wine festival

With its traditional "Fiesta de Viñeros", Moclinejo pays homage to its roots and to the women and men who work in the vineyards and in the production of the muscatel wine that characterizes this place. There is a wide range of activities to promote the culture of the muscatel grape with its various derivatives, such as wine and raisins. During the day, grapes and wine are distributed in different "huts" located in different parts of the village. Verdiales also take place about this. There are depictions of tasks in the vineyard, paella Mitteraltermarkt and performances. There are always thousands of people coming

Feria El Valdes

The district of Moclinejo, El Valdés, celebrates at the end of July in honor of Santiago Apóstol and Nuestra Señora de Lourdes. The feria begins with a mass, then a children's festival of one (Día del niño) on Thursday evening, popular paella on Sunday lunchtime, free concerts, fair, sardine festival, foam parties, flamenc, panda verdiales, paella,
Horse races, music bands, fireworks and much more.